David Btown, fellow scientist

This is really sad news for me. Eric and I shared an enjoyable research programme on P2Y receptor function in neurons for nigh on 20 years, until only 4 years ago, in which I was the 'junior' partner (our combined ages at its end totalling 164) He was a truly great scientist, full of ideas, extremely knowledgeable (including an amazing memory for detail), exceptionally thorough (if Eric said an antibody was specific, it was), and scrupulously honest and fair to others in all that he said and did. We first met at a conference in Venice 40 years ago where, characteristically, we managed to get lost discussing neuronal nicotinic receptors while trying to get back to our hotel after dinner. His work will live on of course, but I for one will really miss Eric the person. Unfortunately I cannot attend his funeral but can only send my condolences to his family (including the 11 grandchildren - another thing we have in common).

6th June